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Sunshine, food & cold beer

The Albion Taverna is a stunning old building tucked away in a secluded quarter of Faversham.

All great gatherings need some lovely food and we are proud of the local ingredients we source. So come down to the banks of the creek and enjoy some old world magic with some new world flavours.


Passionate about food

We want to give you a night that you won't forget. Extravagant Mexican and British cuisine, served with love; enticing dishes bursting with flavour and portions big enough so you won't be going home hungry.

England is littered with pubs, but very rarely do you get to experience such a fantastic range of food and drink as at The Albion Taverna. We are passionate about great food, beer, wine and pub culture, so why not combine the lot?



The Albion Taverna is everything you could expect from a Mexican cookhouse. The secret is simply a love of what we do, and the dedication that our friendly, passionate team pour into The Albion Taverna.

So if you are on the lookout for a traditional public house with a great themed restaurant, you will love what we have to offer. We are here and our doors are open, see you soon!